Silver/Black UVI tarps
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Silver/Black UVI tarps

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We make our strong and durable UVI tarps from heavy-duty polytuf. This tightly-woven high-density black woven fabric provides outstanding puncture resistance and run resistance. These tarps have thicker UPC coatings on each side, providing longer product life. These tarps make great windbreaks, construction and machinery covers, boat covers, ground covers, hauling cover, and pallet covers. One side of the tarp is black (UVI treated), blocks sunlight and is water resistant. The other side is sliver (UVI treated), reflects the sun's rays and is weather resistant. Our UVI tarps are reinforced with heavy-duty plastic reinforced corners, 3/16" bolt roping in the hems, and brass-plated steel grommets in each corner and every 18" on each side. The hems are double-stitched or heat sealed. Our UVI tarps are thicker than our blue polylam tarps, so they'll be your choice for heavy-duty situations. We have a wide variety of sizes available. Note that finished sizes will run slightly smaller than the cut sizes. This means that when you select your size below, the actual size will be slightly smaller.

Give us a call for quantity pricing and stock availability.

Technical specs:

  • 6.0 oz per square yard
  • High density: 14 strands vertically/14 strands horizontally per square inch
  • 11-12 mil thick
  • Heat sealed seams
  • 3/16" bolt roping in hem
  • Heavy-duty reinforced corners
  • Grommets every 24"
  • Both sides are UVI treated