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Ratchet Straps

Our ratchet straps have a breaking limit of 2,500 lbs. (1" x 16" ratchet with wire hook) or 3,000 lbs. (all our other ratchets). All ratchet straps are labeled to meet Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) guidelines and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, as well as Web Sling and Tiedown Association (WSTDA) and California Highway Patrol (CHP) standards. All our ratchet straps have 18" fixed ends.

Confused on how to operate a ratchet? Just pull the webbing through the mandrel bars, eliminating any slack. Operate the ratchet handle back and forth until the webbing is properly tensioned. The mandrel bars must have at least two raps of webbing to prevent slippage. To release the webbing, pull the handle pawl to the fully-opened position and rotate the handle past the center position on the ratchet, to the fully-open position. Finally, pull the webbing back through the mandrel, creating slack.