Polypropylene Rope
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Polypropylene Rope

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Our polypropylene rope is a strong, lightweight, floating rope. It's excellent for boating, as a floating tow line or mooring and tie-up line. This rope is resistant to rot, mildew, petroleum products, most chemicals, and deterioration from marine organisms. You can use it for pulling lines and hand-and-block lines.
We also have California truck rope, which has been approved by the California Highway Patrol for tying down certain commodities, such as lumber and lumber products, bales of paper, cotton and jute, baled hay, and empty wooden boxes.
California truck rope is the least expensive and most economical truck rope on the market. Truckers call it the "workhorse" of the industry. It works great with trucks and winches because of its smooth, wire-like texture. This rope is flexible enough for hand-tying general all-purpose loads.
You can order our polypropylene rope in yellow. California truck rope is only available in orange/black.