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Commonly known by many names, from gauze to print cloth to osnaburgs to scrim, our canvas/greige is extremely versatile and has numerous uses. It's a light- to medium-weight, loom-state woven fabric without any additional finishing. Greige is taken directly from the loom and isn't processed through any additional finishing operations.

Artists paint on this canvas after stretching it on a frame and treating the fabric. Painters and potters use it for drop cloths. Commercial bakers cover their conveyor belt with greige so the bread has a soft place to land. Other uses include apparel, aprons, draperies, duffle bags, filtration and straining, flocking, home fashions, laundry and tote bags, machine covers, medical gauze, reinforcing scrims, tape substrates, and wall coverings. If your use isn't listed here, let us know and we'll add it so others can see how versatile this fabric is.
You can order this fabric by the yard. It's available in various widths and weights.